60 years ago we opened the first self-service store Colombia.

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Financial information

Latest news

  • Grupo Éxito reports Net Revenues over COP3 billion, a 28.4% growth in 1Q15

    • Revenues grew by 28.4% and included the consolidation of Grupo Disco´s sales.
    • Construction of large real estate projects such as “Viva Barranquilla” with over 50,000 sqm of Gross Leasable Area and “Viva Wajiira” in Riohacha, close to 20,000 sqm of GLA are up to speed. “Viva Las Palmas” started construction also, with over 5,000 m2 of GLA.
    • Grupo Éxito renewed its loyalty program and now Points are converted to money for customers freely choosing how to use them; more than 1.2 million access keys have been enabled by customers.

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  • Main Office:
    Cra 48 # 32B sur - 139,
    Avenida Las Vegas.
    Envigado, Colombia.
    (+574) 3396565
  • E-mail us at
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Our objective is not only to be the largest employer in the country, but also the best place to work at.

About us

At Grupo Éxito we strive not only to excel in our business and to innovate, but also to promote ethical behavior and to “do things right”, which has characterized us over the years.