Retail commerce

We have 574 stores for the Éxito, Carulla, Surtimax, and Super Inter brands, where we provide our customers with access to our products and services.

Éxito, at your service (Para servirte)

The leading retail commerce brand in Colombia and the only one in the country with a multi-format strategy: hypermarkets, supermarkets, neighborhood stores, express, and service stations.

A pleasure every day (Un placer para todos los días)

Standing out as the premium brand, it specializes in fresh products, ensures customer satisfaction with its unique style of friendliness, and provides service to customers every day.

Where you can shop for less (Donde comprar vale menos)

With our Surtimax brand, we offer low prices and proximity to our customers.

Super Inter
We are near you (Estamos cerca de ti)

Super Inter is the recognized brand for the highest quality fresh products at affordable prices.

Aliados Surtimax y Super Inter

We support the growth and development of minimarkets and self-service stores through the Aliados program, in which we already have more than 1,100 participating stores under the Surtimax Brand and 200 minimarkets and self-service stores under the Super Inter Brand.

Wholesale commerce

Through this business we attend to our professional customers with a variety of regional, national, and imported products of high quality and at competitive prices, allowing them to have a differentiated offering in their businesses.

Economía para usted y su negocio (Savings for you and your business)

Grupo Éxito’s cash and carry venture, directed towards both customers with less consumption, such as professional customers providing for individual needs, and customers who buy products at high volumes in order to sell or transform them. 

Direct commerce

We have digital channels and tools to satisfy customer needs wherever they are located and at any moment they desire.

The number one online store in Colombia with the quality and savings of Éxito with a single click. Through the Marketplace, different allied vendors offer, commercialize, and distribute their products on our online platform.

We now present to you the Prime membership with special benefits for registered customers.

We provide our customers with the possibility of obtaining the quality and exclusivity of Carulla without leaving the home. Specialties include fresh products in various categories like the delicatessen and the bakery.

Digital catalogues

We offer our customers the possibility of purchasing products they cannot find in stores through a digital shopping module.

The digital catalogues are available in 126 Éxito, Carulla, Surtimax and Super Inter brand stores.


Home Delivery

Our customers can purchase the products we offer in our stores from the comfort of their homes whether by phone or online with and

Telephone numbers

Real Estate

This is the business unit of Grupo Éxito dedicated to the creation and management of real estate initiatives complimentary to retail.

Viva Malls

This is our real estate investment trust vehicle with developments in commercial centers and galleries. Viva Malls means happy, fun places in constant evolution that seek their customers’ love through life experiences both big and small. The Company boasts 12 commercial centers and 15 commercial galleries which house a total of 4,500 tenants between them.

Complementary Businesses

Tarjeta Éxito

Is the third most popular card in the Colombian market, enabling customers to access constant discounts, make cash withdrawals at the cash registers of Grupo Éxito stores, and make purchases in a variety of commercial establishments.

Viajes Éxito

Offers a complete portfolio of vacation tourism at competitive prices and with national coverage through a network of agencies in Éxito’s main store locations. It has national and international partnerships and agreements with airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruises, and travel medical assistance.

Seguros Éxito

This insurance product has a combined presence in more than 350 of the Company’s stores.

Móvil Éxito

Offers customers cellular telephone services leveraged by retail commerce with differentiated offers, such as the redemption of Éxito and Carulla points for cellphone minutes, and receiving points for purchases. It is the first virtual operator having 4G LTE internet.

Logo servicio Multipagos Éxito

 Multipagos Éxito 



Catalogues of textile products with private and exclusive labels, as well as cleaning products and home items.


Internacional Money Transfers "Giros Éxito"

With a national network in Grupo Éxito stores it facilitates both wire transfers to people residing outside of the country and national money orders to Colombia’s interior.

Private labels

For more than 60 years, Grupo Éxito has been tackling development in the private label arena, converting them into an opportunity to respond to customer expectations through an ample portfolio of innovative products submitted to strict quality controls and offered at affordable prices.

Food and other high volume consumer products

Personal and cosmetic care


Hardware, sports, audio and video





Telephone numbers:

  • Medellín: (4) 361 77 77
  • Bogotá: (1) 424 24 00
  • Cali: (2) 331 62 62
  • Bucaramanga: (7) 631 33 33
  • Pereira: (6) 325 17 17
  • Barranquilla: (5) 377 53 53
  • Cartagena: (5)660 06 06
  • Neiva: (8) 871 79 27
  • Villavicencio: (8) 667 64 10
  • Armenia: (6) 746 64 61
  • Ibagué: (8) 270 08 88
  • Santa Marta: (5) 433 28 01
  • Calarcá: (6) 742 11 11
  • Cúcuta: (7)584 30 30
  • Sincelejo: (5) 281 08 54