Corporate profile

For more than 110 years we have been writing our history with passion and perseverance in service to our customers. Today we are a multilatina company and leader in retail commerce in South America with a presence in four countries.

Our path began in Colombia with Grupo Éxito, and in 2011 we began the process of expansion in South America with a 100% shareholding in Grupo Devoto and 62,49% in Grupo Disco, both in Uruguay. In 2015 we took a great leap into the strategy of internationalization thanks to the 18,8% shareholding in Grupo Pão de Açúcar in Brazil, and 100% in Libertad in Argentina.

As a multilatina company, we have a presence in the principal economies of South America, which has allowed us to become:

  • Number 1 in retail commerce in Colombia, Uruguay, and the Cordoba region of Argentina.
  • Number 1 in food in Brazil.
  • Number 2 in electronic commerce and non-food in Brazil.

Through an omni-channel strategy, we declare that the customer is the center of our business, and we attend to them with different brands, formats, and channels so that they choose what, how, when, and where to make purchases.

In Colombia, we operate in retail commerce under the brands Éxito, Carulla, Surtimax, and Super Inter; wholesale commerce is through Surtimayorista, and direct commerce through,, digital catalogs and home deliveries. Additionally, we have a real estate business that builds shopping malls and commercial galleries.

We complement our portfolio with other businesses through which we offer the following services: consumer credit, insurance, travel, mobile phone services, money orders and multi-payment options, as well as direct sales with the Todo Hogar and Color Mix catalogs. We also operate in the food and textile industries (Didetexco) and have a transport company, all of which lend support to our operation.

The company closed out 2017, in the four countries where it has a presence, with:

  • 1,573 stores. and near to 800 thousand sqm of GLA in comercial centers.
  • In Colombia, we closed with 574 stores under the Éxito, Carulla, Surtimax, Super Inter, and Surtimayorista brands.


Results 2017