Frequently Asked Questions


Important points to keep in mind during the warranty process. Warranties will only be valid for manufacturing or functioning defects, not for physical damage (broken, scratched, burnt products; products with short circuits or loose pieces). Products that exhibit physical damage automatically lose their warranty. The warranty does not cover misuse, aging, natural wear, abuse, modification, and damage caused by interaction with other equipment and products not technically compatible with the product. The warranty will not apply to a product’s poor connection. In no instance shall a product be replaced without backing from the manufacturer. As distributors of different brands, we are subject to compliance with the warranty policies issued by each manufacturer. The service center has 30 business days to provide a response to a warranty request.

See our full warranty manual Here

Éxito Card

  1. To access the funds on your Éxito Card, you must use the website, then click on the “Portal Transaccional” button, where you will enter your national identification number (cédula) and PIN (clave). Then you will be able to consult your account and print statements or proofs of payment.
  2. For consultations, complaints and claims, you can use the information helplines:

Medellín: (4) 514 44 70 o (4) 510 90 00         Bogotá: (1) 343 00 00        Barranquilla: (5) 361 88 88

Cali: (2) 554 05 05        Cartagena: (5) 693 44 44        Rest of the country: 01 800 09 12345

To request payment information from suppliers

For specific concerns, you must contact our call center in Medellín at (4) 4443639 or using the national line 018000412040 to receive immediate and personalized attention. Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

With the following link Here you will find a video with the step-by-step process to enter and navigate our web portal: 

Paper consumption when printing receipts

In response to messages we have received about the use of receipts at our cash points, it is important to note that, being receipts, they are inherent to our operation, and in many cases, they also serve as the legal warranty or support we hand in for purchases. Additionally, they are a medium that lets you know the segmented offers we’ve made available to you. Even with these considerations, and consistent with the responsibility we have as a Company, for several years we have been taking measures to decrease the use of said receipt tape, including the following:

  1. Reduction in the size of the text to minimize the use of paper.
  2. Reduction in the amount of offers to be communicated, as well as their frequency.
  3. Elimination of receipt print out that invites all customers to rate their service by going to the website.
  4. Consolidation onto one receipt of the actions the customer has taken with their Éxito Mobile account.
  5. As a result, only 12% of transactions that take place in our stores emit some kind of additional communication.

The reduction in receipt tape is one of the actions we are taking to measure, mitigate and compensate for the impact our operations have on the environment, and to contribute to increasing awareness among our customers. Additionally, we have a recycling program in our more than 570 stores to reduce the waste we send to landfills. In 2015 we recycled more than 22,200 metric tons of packaging material.

Gas Card

-The Gas Card serves as a method of payment for the purchase of gasoline at Éxito gas stations (22 in the country). It is a rechargeable card that can be recharged from COP $10,000 and up.

-It has no handling fee and requires no pin.

-The card has two “wallets,” or balances: one of them displays the value of the amount deposited into the card’s account, for example COP$200,000, and in the second wallet the customer receives 1% of the amount deposited, in this case COP$2,000. This means that the person now has $202,000 available towards the purchase of gasoline.

-If you are enrolled in the Éxito Points Program and, at the moment of your fuel purchase you pay with the Gas Card, you accumulate 1 point for every $100 pesos. You can use these points in any Éxito store, Carulla, or service station whenever you desire to pay with them.


Layaway Plan Information

Plan Separe is a type of sale offered in Almacenes Éxito S.A. that allows you to separate the merchandise you desire, paying for some up front and the rest in installments. With this purchase system, you can obtain the following benefits:

  • Separate the merchandise with only 20% of the value paid up front, and rest you can pay for over a term of up to 3 months without interest. It applies to purchases greater than COP$50,000. It is not valid for products from the supermarket, pharmacy, or franchise owners. Conditions apply.
  • The price of the merchandise is maintained during the 3-month period; if it lowers, you pay the lower price in the instalments that you desire.
  • The customer can receive the product once the total is paid off.

Charges for use of store bathrooms

Bathroom use is charged in only some of our stores where the location makes it available to everyone and not only to customers. This measure was implemented with the purpose of having greater oversight, and the money collected does not benefit the stores economically, but is given to aid mothers who are the heads of their households..

Money collected through Goticas and vueltos

Goticas and vueltos are collected in our stores; our customers voluntarily provide them to the Fundación Éxito. This money along with money provided by the foundation is then granted, after research is conducted, to social and governmental institutions with programs for adequate nutrition for children and gestating or lactating mothers. Almacenes Éxito S.A. serves as a bridge for the customers so that they can buy Goticas and transfer this money directly to the Foundation.

Collecting for Goticas is not a source of income for Éxito, nor does the company receive any tax benefit for these contributions.

Almacenes Éxito and the Fundación Éxito are separate legal entities. It is important to take into account that foundations in Colombia, in accordance with the law, are exempt from tax as long as they do not carry out commercial activities. Therefore, Almacenes Éxito pays the taxes that correspond to the business, and the Fundación Éxito does not pay taxes on wealth or income, but it does pay industry and commerce taxes because it performs a commercial activity with a program for the sale of recycled material with which it obtains funds for its operation.

All customers that donate their vueltos or purchase Goticas may request a certificate of donation from the Fundación Éxito. Generally, the donation certificates are requested once a year before filing a tax return. Those who wish to claim this document just need to present their payment receipt. If their donation was registered under a national identification (cédula) that is certified as part of the Puntos Éxito or Clientes Carulla Customer loyalty systems, there is no need to present the purchase receipt. You can apply on the following website: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. o en el teléfono (4) 339 6509.