Promise of service

At Grupo Éxito, “we work so the customer comes back.” We have a Customer Manager who looks out for the customers through the different channels we have available, providing swift and timely responses to their needs.

Éxito Promises

Exclusive prices

If different prices are announced between the display shelf, advertising materials, and/or packaging, Éxito always respects the lower price on display.

Easy exchanges

When you are unsatisfied with any product, you can exchange it at your local Éxito (except for liquor, undergarments, and medications).



Check the date

If you find an expired product in our stores, we’ll give you another one with the same characteristics.


Unbeatable prices

If you find one of our products marked as having an “unbeatable price” (precio insuperable) somewhere else for less, we will return double the difference (Applies only to marked products).

Carulla Promises

We guarantee the freshness of the food in our stores.

If you take home our fresh food and for any reason are not satisfied, we will give you double the value of the product in the form of an Exchange Card (Tarjeta Cambio).

We guarantee that in our stores you will always have check-out lines available

If you see more than three customers in a line, we will open another cash register, and if that doesn’t happen we’ll double the points of your purchase.



If you don’t find it in one of our stores, we promise to deliver it to your home

At Carulla you will be able to find all your favorite items; if not, we will locate the same product or a substitute (with similar characteristics) and bring it to you in 24 hours without any cost for its delivery.

Surtimax Promises

Where shopping costs less

We offer economic products under our promise, “Where shopping costs less.”

Super Inter Promises


Fruits and vegetables directly from the countryside to the table.



The best meat with the right cut at the best price.



Private label products. Private label products of excellent quality and at affordable prices.


Surtimayorista Promises

Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices so customers can keep their business costs low.

Everything in one place

Customers can find the stock and supplies that meet their needs, all in just one location. We offer a variety of products and displays as well as regional, national and imported brands.



Strategic location

We are strategically located so customers can arrive easily and quickly, and can find everything in one place.