The customer is our reason for being. That is why we base our service on three fundamental pillars: to smile, to know, and to surprise.


Because we connect as human beings! Have you ever smiled at someone, even if you didn’t know them, and in 9 out of 10 of those times that smile is returned? Smiling has the power to say everything without uttering a word, and it’s the best response to anything pleasant. Smiling allows us to assist you with a positive attitude, and it motivates us to do things from the heart.



Giving an adequate and timely response to your concerns and listening attentively to your questions ensures we always provide you with the best assistance.



This action allows us to be in a state of constant innovation so we can break up the monotony and generate emotional ties with our customers, our reason for being.

Our ten commandments of Service

  • The customer is our reason for being.
  • To focus all our attention on the customer.
  • To recognize the importance of each customer.
  • To surprise our customers daily.
  • To greet customers and say goodbye in a cordial manner.
  • To project an appropriate personal image through our dress.
  • To contribute to a good work environment.
  • To listen to the voice of the customer.
  • To keep our promises to the customer.
  • To think and act positively.