Benefit Portfolio

The dreams of our employees and their families are also ours. That is why we offer an extensive Benefit Portfolio:


we support the different stages that families experience, and we accompany them through aid, discounts, insurance and time to share with their families.


we provide recreational and leisure facilities so that employees can spend time with their colleagues and immediate family members.


we encourage learning and creative expression in our employees and their families with fine and performing art workshops and shows


we facilitate academic learning for our employees and their children through scholarship assistance, grants, and education insurance.


we promote healthy lifestyles for our employees and their families with activities for physical maintenance as well as joint activities with schools and recreational sports organizations.


we recognize the perseverance, dedication and commitment of our employees from the roles they fulfill in their families and in the Company.


we promote health and prevent sickness through assistance with eyeglasses, health days, complimentary policies, life insurance, and disability insurance.


we support employees in their efforts towards the acquisition, construction or improvement of their homes.


we offer opportunities for training and development for employees and their immediate family members to support their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Present and Future Employee Funds:

we make it possible to access lines of savings and credit, making the present easier and improving the future for our employees.