Shareholders Meeting - 2015

Extraordinary meeting of the Shareholders - August 18th 2015

Calls and decisions

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Decisions of the General Shareholders Meeting


Special Power of Attonery Legal Person

Special Power of Attonery Natural Person

Relevant decisions of the Board of Directors of Almacenes Éxito in connection with the opportunity to become the leading retailer in South America
Execution of Relevant Agreements Including Restrictions to the Issuer

Measures to Ensure Equal Treatment to all Shareholders of the Companyeasures to Ensure Equal Treatment to all Shareholders of the Company

Proposal for the Adoption of a Regional Transaction Expansion

Road Show NDR Presentation

Investment in the capital of companies

Complementary information to Shareholders

Additional information to Shareholders Presentation

Fairness Opinion

Fairness Opinion Presentation

Answer to SFC Request 2015078547

Credentials BAML

General Overview BAML

Valuation Report Rotschild

Board of Directors Minutes

Main findings and issues regarding the Due Diligence

Shareholders agreements of Pao de Azúcar

Share purchase agreements of Libertad

Credit agreement

Extraordinary meeting of the Shareholders - June 11th 2015


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La Asamblea General de Accionistas, en su reunión extraordinaria del 11 de junio de 2015, eligió los siguientes miembros de Junta Directiva:

Board member Resume
Felipe Ayerbe Muñoz

Ana María Ibáñez
Luisa Fernanda Lafaurie
Luis Fernando Alarcón
Arnaud Strasser
Yves Desjacques
Luis Carlos Uribe Jaramillo
Philippe Alarcon
Bernard Petit

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General Compensation Policies for the Board of Directors

Ordinary meeting of the Shareholders - March 17th, 2015


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Dividends proposal
Donations appropriation
Bylaws Reform  
Rules for the General Shareholders Meeting 2015  
Policy for election and succession of the Board of Directors  
Temporary appropriation for dividends resolution  


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Managment report 2014