When they conduct a new share issue?

Any future resource needs will always be analyzed and if applicable a new issue, will be announced to the market in due course through the required and authorized by law channels

What kind of stock does Grupo Éxito have in the market?

 Almacenes Éxito S.A. has common shares listed on the Colombia Stock Exchange, as well as ADRs Level144 A in the United States (JP Morgan – Depositary bank). 


What do I have to do to buy Éxito stocks?

Any person or entity interested in buying Éxito´s shares must get in contact with a stockbroker firm dully registered with the Colombia Stock Exchange.  The stockbroker firm is in charge of providing the customer with all the necessary information about the purchasing process and the business conditions and who represents the person/entity in the same process through an entailment previous process.

Once the stockbroker buys the chosen shares, the person/entity receives a receipt issued by the Colombia Stock Exchange to guarantee the acquired obligations.

The stock exchange brokers issue reports and analysis of corporations and they can send you the one regarding our Company. You can also access our website www.grupoexito.com.co  under shareholders and investors. If you require additional information, do not hesitate to write us using the form designed for it on  Investor Relations Contact.

What is a stock brokerage firm?

It is an entity legally authorized to purchase and sale of securities that are issued on a stock exchange. It can conduct business on behalf of third parties, where the trader is in charge of making transactions between buyers and sellers of securities in exchange for a fee charged for this service. In Colombia, the stock brokerage firms are members of the Colombia Stock Exchange and are supervised by the Colombian Financial Superintendence.

Is it possible to buy through any stock brokerage company?

Yes, each potential investor can choose the stock brokerage within the list published in the Colombia Stock Exchange.

When was the latest issuance of Éxito stock?

The most recent issuance of common shares was in September 2011 for 114.270.684 shares with a subscription price of COP21,900/share for a total amount of COP$2,5 billion.

How were the new resources used?

The Company invested USD 746 million for the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Spice Investment Mercosur SA, a holding company that owns 96.5% of Lanin SA and 62.5% of the Grupo Disco Uruguay SA, which own directly and indirectly the supermarket brands Disco and Devoto in Uruguay.

The remaining proceeds have been used to accelerate the expansion strategy of the Company, which includes, among others, the store openings and remodeling, a strong presence in intermediate cities, the development of new commercial Real Estate projects, expansion in non-food retail, and internationalization of operations.

What is the profitability of investing in ÉXITO shares?

The return obtained by investing in stocks or equities involves the periodic payment of dividends to shareholders and the valuations of the shares in the stock market.

Dividends are approved annually by the General Shareholders Meeting and correspond to a percentage of Net Profit of the Company. The share valuation depends on the market expectations about the company's performance over a period of time or movements and fluctuations of supply and demand for the stock which can increase or decrease its value in a certain period of time.

What is the current dividend paid to Grupo Éxito's shareholders?

The General Shareholders´ Meeting approved in its ordinary meeting held on March 23, 2018‚ an ordinary dividend of COP$60.80 per share quarterly ‚ on 447.604.316 outstanding shares for a total amount of COP$108.857.369.651.

TThe annual dividend of COP$243.20/share will be paid quarterly from the sixth to the tenth business day of April, July, October 2018 and January, 2019

To qualify for payment of dividends, the person or entity must be listed as shareholder on the date of payment thereof and meet the ex-dividend period published by the Company.

What does the ex-dividend period mean and when is it for ÉXITO shares?

The ex-dividend period corresponds to the time period in which the rights of holders to receive dividends are not affected, in case you get to make a purchase and sale of shares. The shares continue to head the seller, while in operations after this period; the payment of dividends is to the buyer.

The ex-dividend period for ÉXITO shares are the following:


Initial date Final date
April 3, 2018  April 9, 2018
July 4, 2018 July 10, 2018
Oct 2, 2018 Oct 8, 2018
Jan 3, 2019 Jan 10, 2019

If I have some question about ÉXITO shares, to whom I can contact

As administrator of the Grupo Éxito shares, Fiduciaria Bancolombia is responsible for the comprehensive management of the shares.
If you need information related to: tax certificates, payment of dividends and request for information (derechos de petición), please contact the Assistance Center to Shareholders at:

  • Fiduciaria Bancolombia S.A.
    Shareholders Relations Center
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Phone: (4) 444 72 31 - 01 8000 954 242
    Carrera 48 # 26 85, Torre sur Sucursal Puerta del Río
    Medellín, Colombia

  • Tatiana Vargas Ariza
    Chief of Trust Business
    Fiduciaria Bancolombia S.A..
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Phone: (4) 404 23 64.
    Carrera 48 # 26 85, Torre Sur Sucursal Puerta del Río Piso 6E
    Medellín, Colombia

How can I obtain the Income-Tax certificate of my shares?

You must apply directly to Grupo Éxito´s shares administrator, Fiducolombia:

  • Fiduciaria Bancolombia- Shareholders Relations Center
    Carrera 48 No. 26-85 Torre sur, Sucursal Puerta del Rio
    Phone: (4) 444 72 31 - 01 8000 954 242
    Medellín, Colombia

¿What are the documents required for special operations outside the stock market?