Information for participants

The Éxito Suppliers Competition is an initiative that began in 2009 with which we sought to recognize the work of commercial suppliers of corporate goods, services and property, thus extolling their good practices.

Running is not required in order to participate; being enrolled as a Grupo Éxito supplier means you are already competing.

During 2016 suppliers in eight categories will be recognized:

  • Integrated Purchasing Supplier:recognizes the best supplier of administrative goods and services.
  • Private Label Supplier: given to the best supplier or producer of Grupo Éxito labeled products.
  • Supplier by Business: his category is divided into five subcategories represented by the commercial businesses of the Company: textile, home, produce, entertainment, and mass consumption. Here, the best provider in each business is recognized.
  • Éxito Supplier:given to the best supplier of the year.
  • Éxito SME: given to the best company categorized as small or medium sized.
  • Hogar, Negocio Frescos, Negocio Entretenimiento y Negocio Productos Gran Consumo: aquí se reconoce al mejor proveedor de cada negocio.
  • Sustainable Development Supplier:awards outstanding work by Éxito suppliers in the environmental field or to benefit vulnerable populations. This is the only category that requires competing suppliers to enter ahead of time. Click here (enlace a sección Proveedor Desarrollo Sostenible) to see the conditions.
  • Real Estate Partner Supplier: awarded to the best company located inside our stores.
  • E-commerce Supplier: in this new category, the best supplier through the,, and digital catalogue channels is awarded.

We invite you to learn about the winning suppliers of previous competitions.