Frequently asked questions about the competition

What is the goal of the event?

The main purpose of the Éxito Suppliers Competition is to highlight the work of Grupo Éxito suppliers, property partners, and corporate goods and services suppliers. The competition is aligned with our sustainability pillar, which drives us to be a “Trusted Partner.”

What does a supplier have to do to participate in the competition?

To be able to participate in the competition, one must only be a Grupo Éxito supplier. The simple fact of being commercially partnered with the Company gives supplier businesses the opportunity to participate in the competition. Businesses that are nominated are entered upon receiving a personal invitation.

For the Sustainable Development category, suppliers enter by going to the Grupo Éxito Sustainability area and sending them the documents that support their performance in the category.

Can small businesses win as well?

The Éxito Suppliers Competition gives awards to both large and small businesses that belong to the team of Company partners; among the winners there are family businesses that, through their effort, quality, and dedication have succeeded in becoming an important part of the portfolio available to customers. In addition, there is a special category that recognizes Éxito SMEs.

What do the category winners receive?

As a prize, each of the winners receives a sculpture created by artist Fernán Arango (a Grupo Éxito employee).

The winners of the categories Supplier by Business (textile, home, produce, entertainment, and mass consumption products), Sustainable Development, Private Label Supplier, Property Partner, and Integrated Shopping Supplier receive the sculpture entitled, “A Look to the Future” (Una mirada al futuro), which symbolizes the projection and transparency both partners should have. The center features a box that represents the common objective of merchandise, which is what drives them to be better every day.

The sculpture for the Éxito SME winner is entitled, “SERVICE: a superior mission” (SERVIR: una misión superior). It is a reflection on the value of service that Grupo Éxito always has as a priority at the moment of each interaction with its customers so they’ll always want to return.

And finally, the winner of the Éxito Supplier award receives the sculpture, “Omnichannel” (Omnicanal), inspired by the Company strategy by which the customer chooses what, how, when, and where to shop, thanks to the different service channels. The sculpture depicts the manner in which suppliers and the Company work together towards their common goal: to satisfy the needs of the customer.

In addition to the sculpture, the winner of the Éxito Supplier award receives COP$25 million in gift cards.

How are the winners chosen?

An interdisciplinary committee of the Éxito Commercial, Services, and Real Estate and Development Vice Presidents selects the winners among the more than 6,000 participating suppliers. The selection is made evaluating each one of the established variables for the different categories: commercial variables, affinity for corporate values, and logistical variables.

Can a business participate in more than one category?


Can a business win at more than one Éxito Suppliers Competition?

Yes, we have had suppliers like Huevos Santa Reyes, which won in its category three years in a row.