Suppliers development

We strengthen the development of our suppliers through opportunities for growth, training, and recognition of their good practices.



Category Development:Category Development: we work with our suppliers to develop categories through fairs and events such as the Wine Expo, Carulla’s Coffee Fair, SUPPLIERS the Cheese Parlor event, Carulla’s Picnic Day, the Pasta Summit, and the Beer Festival

Exporter Mentor Program: hand in hand with Procolombia we participate in this program that seeks to have small businesses, Grupo Éxito suppliers, export their products.

Sinerproveedores:under this program the Company and its commercial allies make partnership agreements in which commitments regarding quality, shipping times, exclusivity, and budgets are undertaken, allowing for the development of private labels and exclusive brands in a profitable way for both parties and with excellent quality. Grower sessions: along with the Ministry of Commerce we are promoting the growth of our supplier producers of fruits and vegetables through spaces for direct sale between the grower and consumer in order make their business known and strengthen their capabilities, as well as to support and drive Colombian agriculture.



Private Label Convention: every two years we hold this event in which more than 230 suppliers and producers of the Grupo Éxito private labels participate intraining meetings to learn firsthand about the advances and opportunities arising in this line of business.

Eafit Social: together with EAFIT University, we developed the course “Strengthening Business Management,” with the goal of leveraging business and entrepreneurial skills for our SME suppliers.

Simplex Seminar: every year a group of suppliers for our private labels participates in the International Meeting of Suppliers for Excellency in Private Labels, held by Casino Group in France. The suppliers have the opportunity to learn good practices in development and product showcasing, share experiences with French suppliers, and identify potential new products.



Éxito Suppliers Contest: for eight years Grupo Éxito has been presenting awards to business, goods and services, administrative, and property suppliers that stand out in the different categories of the Éxito Suppliers Contest. This stimulates development for innovative activities within the framework of excellence.