We develop sustainability actions that contribute to economic and social growth as well as environmental protection by striving to meet the following five challenges:

Initiatives and Actions

Grupo Éxito is a Company committed to sustainability; in each of our actions we work so that our activities leverage the growth of the country, in a framework of good corporate governance, transparency, equity, strengthening the institutional framework and respecting the legislation, considering the expectations of our stakeholders and acting in coherence with the principles of the Global Agreement and the universal standards of sustainability.

In Grupo Éxito the Sustainability Policy is led by the Company's Presidency and executed through the Corporate Affairs Management. In order to guarantee an effective articulation of all the areas, there is a management model, with a corporate sustainability committee led by the Company's Operational Presidency and integrated by the different vice-presidencies and Fundación Éxito. Additionally, each of the 5 sustainability challenges has a committee which allows a constant dialogue and the alignment of the actions with the corporate strategy. Who coordinates the agenta and operationalizes the actions is the Department of Sustainability.

We are sustainable when we work to contribute to the development of Colombia. We implement our sustainability strategy through five challenges and encourage others to join their wills to contribute to the Country. Together we make it big!

Manage the Gen Cero Strategy

We are working to achieve the first generation with no chronic malnutrition in 2030 through the Gen Cero strategy, a national movement lead by Grupo Éxito and the Éxito Foundation which seeks, through the union of different stakeholders, to make childhood nutrition a point of departure for a country that is more equitable and at peace.

Learn more about Gen Cero in the digital channels of the Funciación Éxito:

Annual Management Report 2017
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Promote Sustainable Business

We seek to generate relationships of value and trust with our commercial partners through the direct, local purchase of fresh goods from farmers and fishermen; social audits to watch for good labor practices; and business training, consulting and cooperation.


Reduce our Impact on the Environment

We work to mitigate and compensate for the impact of our operations on the environment. We also contribute to increasing environmental awareness among our stakeholders with the promotion of the sensible use of plastic bags, energy efficiency programs, and waste, recycling and postconsumer waste management.

Promote a Healthy Life

We recognize the importance of diet, nutrition and health in our customers and employees. That is why we offer a portfolio of products and services that allow them to create and maintain healthy habits for life.

Grupo Éxito Nutrition Policy

1. Gen Cero: Strategy managed by the Fundación Éxito. Its main objective is to ensure that no child under 5 years of age suffers from chronic malnutrition in Colombia by year 2030.
2.  Healthy Workplace: We promote the integral health of our employees through health and disease prevention programs.
3. Sustainability of the Food Chain: We support the development of small producers and SMEs as suppliers of our private labels. We exchange and make available the necessary information for co-innovation and the development of new products with nutritional and health benefits.
4. Nutritious, Healthy and Accessible Foods: We provide alternatives of healthy and nutritious products, which respond to nutritional and health needs. We facilitate access through our private labels, our low price products and those meeting our customers’ needs.
5. Customer Food and Nutrition Education: We teach about food and nutrition to help our customers make healthier food choices. Open page

The Success of Grupo Éxito Is in Its People

We generate commitment and pride by providing an attractive and inclusive work environment in which the Company team members can develop personally and professionally towards achieving their organizational goals.