We are among the nine Colombian businesses selected by the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index, which includes leading companies in economic, social, and environmental issues. With an above-average score in the retailer category (Food & Staples Retailing) we are placed among the three companies in developing countries with the highest performance in this sector that list on local stock exchanges.

In 2015, Grupo Éxito held second place in the category of emerging markets in retail in a study conducted by Vigeo Eiris, a leading global agency that conducts research on the environmental, social, and governance performance of companies. This research grades international companies under 38 criteria divided into six key areas: environment, human rights, human resources, community participation, corporate behavior, and corporate governance, with the aim of identifying the risks and opportunities of investing in said organizations based on their practices and actions of corporate social responsibility.


Also in 2015, we received from the Colombia Stock Exchange, for the third year in a row, the IR award for the voluntary adoption of best practices in disclosure of information and investor relations.


Carlos Mario Giraldo Moreno, CEO of Grupo Éxito, was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Colombian La República newspaper for his strategic vision, his strong sense of social responsibility, his service vocation, and his leadership.


We positioned ourselves as the company that offers the highest quality products in Colombia and we are now one of the five companies with the highest levels of recognition among Colombian entrepreneurs according to the results of Portafolio magazine’s Élite Empresarial survey.


The Éxito brand is one of the top five brands of excellence in Colombia according to Superbrands, which promotes brand management as a discipline and recognizes effective marketing experiences.


During 2015, we were recognized by ProColombia and Analdex with the Mentor exportador prize for our work to help suppliers make progress in internationalization.

With the film Colombia Magia Salvaje, considered the biggest blockbuster in the history of the country, we have earned five awards: the Gran Effie at Effie Awards Colombia; gold in the categories “government campaigns and/or institutional campaigns” and “social transformation campaigns” at Effie Awards Colombia; bronze in the category “corporate reputation and professional services” given by the Latin America Effie Awards; and a Fenalco Solidario Colombia distinction in the category “work, chronicle or documentary on social responsibility.”