How to Support Sustainability

We know that our commitment to society and the environment requires effort from everyone. That is why we would like to share some advice for supporting sustainability with you.

Together for the first generation with zero chronic malnutrition in Colombia in 2030

  • You can share information about the importance of adequate nutrition during a child’s first thousand days of life with your family and friends. Find the information
  • Whether you are a mother or a father, remember to give your child the best nutrition, including breastfeeding only for the first six months of life.
  • We are holding the Lactatón, a day of public breastfeeding in our stores, in order to raise awareness about the importance of a mother’s milk. You too can participate with your baby..
  • Childhood nutrition can be supported with Goticas and returned change at cash registers donations, 100% of which is used to support childhood nutrition, and which allows you to obtain a certificate for your donation.

Protecting the planet one plastic bag at a time

  • We offer options for packing your groceries with reusable bags as a practical option for carrying them, while at the same time reducing your impact on the environment. Remember to always bring yours.
  • Don’t forget that you can request a “paid” sticker to put on your purchases so they don’t require a bag..
  • Our baggers are trained in good packing practices, such as placing the heaviest items at the bottom of the bag, the lightweight items around the sides, and fragile items in the center; that way, they optimize the plastic bag use.
  • The plastic bags we provide have messages that encourage people to use them sensibly:“If you want to care for the planet, you must use less bags. Separate ordinary and organic waste and deposit them in this bag.”.
  • Avoid using double bags to carry your purchases from the store or transport other objects, and reuse them for your future purchases or to dispose of your trash.

Commitment to health and wellbeing

  • Remember to choose safe food: review the expiration dates on products and verify that the packaging and containers are completely sealed.
  • Try to maintain an appropriate weight, balancing food with daily activities and doing physical exercise.
  • Consume five servings of fruit and vegetables a day because they contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, and make sure you consume enough water to stay hydrated.

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