Board of Directors

It is our administrative body. It is made up of 9 members, elected by the General Assembly of Shareholders, of which at least three must be independent.

Felipe Ayerbe Muñoz Independent member

Appointment date:
Born in Popayán, Colombia. He was re-elected as a member of the Board Of Directors on January 23, 2020.

Mr. Ayerbe is a Lawyer and holds a Doctor degree in Law from the Andes University. He also has studies in Arbitrage and International Law and in Common Law from the University of New York. Mr. Ayerbe has participated as major advisor in different M&A processes of large corporations such as: Carulla Vivero and Almacenes Vivero S.A.; Carulla Vivero S.A. and Surtimax; Productos Yupi S.A. – McKain and Yupi Ecuador, among others. Mr. Ayerbe has been legal advisor for various companies in issues related to acquisitions, stockholder contracts and stockholder representation. Mr. Ayerbe generated value to these roles due to its expertise in financial, Business and Corporate Law.

He has been chairman of the Boards of Carulla Vivero S.A. and Banco Andino S.A.; and member of the Boards of Aseguradora del Valle S.A. and Compañía de Financiamiento Comercial Internacional S.A. At his 69 years, he is a member of the Board of Directors of Banco de
Occidente and Almacenes Éxito S.A.

felipe ayerbe

Professional experience

Participation in the conference “Cybersecurity: Understanding, strategic management, and quantification”. 2020.

Ayerbe Abogados – Colombia: Senior Lawyer. 1974 - present.

- Senior Advisor of Bancol S.A., support and legal advice for the acquisition of Banco de Colombia S.A. of FOGAFIN. (Privatization).
- Advisor to the Gilinski Group for the sale of Banco Andino S.A.
- Banco Andino Advisor, for financing the solidary sector in the acquisition and privatization of Termocartagena S.A. E.S.P.
- Consultant of Kpm & Maruvenni Consorcio in the creation of the Thermovalle S.A. E.S.P. (Privatization)
- Advisor to Propal S.A. for the acquisition of Papelcol S.A. (Privatization)

• Johnson & Johnson International – EE.UU: Intern Lawyer at the Legal Department. 1979 – 1980.



• San Buenaventura University– Cali –Colombia:

- Professor to the postgraduate studies in Business Law, second semester of 1990.
- Professor of Arbitrage Law, first semester of 1986.
- Professor of Public Finance, second semester of 1973.

• Andes University: Teacher of the Legal Obligations (second semester, 1973).



AYERBE MUÑOZ, FELIPE: “Andean multinational companies” Edited by the Andes University. June of 1973.

AYERBE MUÑOZ, FELIPE:” La Fiducia Mercantil. Algunos Aspectos de relevancia en la legislación
colombiana.” Andes University, Law School, 1974.

CIRCULAR AYERBE ABOGADOS: Managing Editor of the bi-monthly circular of AYERBE ABOGADOS for clients on current legal issues of both new legislation and court orders. 156 circulars have been produced since 2003 under his direction.

Board of directors/Collegiated bodies

President to the Board of Directors of:

• Carulla Vivero S.A. Colombia. 2002 – 2007.
• Banco Andino de Colombia. 2007 – 2008.


Member to the Board of Directors of:

• Almacenes Éxito S.A. Colombia. 2010 –. present.
• Banco de Occidente S.A. Colombia. 1980 - present.
• Compañía de Financiamiento Comercial Internacional S.A. Colombia. 1995 – 1997.
• Aseguradora del Valle S.A. Colombia. 1995 – 1997.
• Plásticos Flexibles S.A. (1999-2008).
• Coldecom & Cia S.C.A. (Distribuidora Licores Caldas) (1999-2008).
• Productos Yupi S.A. (1999-2008).
• Ingenio Melendez S.A. (1995-2000).
• Constructora Melendez S.A (2000-2009).


Member to Directors’ Council or Collegiate Bodies:

• Director of Fundación Colgate Palmolive Colombia. 1998 – present.
• Member to the Board of Directors of Fundación Carulla. 2000 – present.


Member to the Board of Director’s Committees:

  • Audit and Risks Committee.
  • Appointments, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee.
  • Financial Committee.
  • Sustainability Committee.


Spanish, English.