Exito Stock

Find the prospects and variable income issues that Grupo Éxito has made in the last ten years. The rights, obligations and prohibitions of our shareholders are enshrined in the Bylaws, the Corporate Governance Compendium, the Commercial Code and the other regulations that complement or modify it. Below you can find a summary of them:

Shareholders of the Company shall be entitled to:

  • Fair and equitable treatment, independent of the value of its investment or the number of shares represented.
  • Participation in the General Assembly of Shareholders meetings, whether ordinary or extraordinary.
  • Each share registered in the Shareholder Ledger Registry Book will grant the right to one vote in the Assembly, without restriction as to the number of votes cast by the holder or his/her representative, subject to prohibitions or disqualifications to vote on certain decisions as established by Law.
  • Receive dividends.
  • Nominate and appoint members of the Board of Directors and the Statutory Auditor.
  • Inspect the books and other documents referred to in Articles 446 and 447 of the Colombian Commercial Code, as well as information about the Company or its performance which does not constitute any information subject to retention or privileged.
  • Freely trade the shares, according to the rules established in the Bylaws and Colombian laws, among which is the right of preference in the subscription of shares.

Shareholders of the Company shall be entitled to:

  • Use the mechanisms available for the Company to report cases of conflict of interest, in which shareholders are involved, as well as cases that he/she gets to know which may involve Company employees.
  • Properly handle the information that is given to him/her, understanding its knowledge is the result of being a shareholder.
  • Abide by and comply with the decisions of the corporate bodies.
  • Be subject to the Company Bylaws.

 Shareholders of the Company shall not:

  • Ask for privileged information of the Company or relating to its trade secrets, unless expressly authorized by the Board of Directors, the CEO or the Presidential Committee of the Company, under the terms of the law and the opportunities expressly enshrined in the rules and regulations; which will be granted only in cases that merit and which are unconnected with speculation scenarios.
  • Exert any pressure on the Company which may involve unequal treatment to the detriment of the other shareholders.
  • Undertake transactions related to Company shares without complying with legal and statutory requirements.

Share Issuing Prospectus