¿Who we are?

We are part of the leading food retail platform in South America. Present in Colombia with Grupo Éxito, in Uruguay with Disco and Devoto Groups and in Argentina with Libertad.

We are a business that adapts to the new ways of consuming customers. Through innovation, digital transformation, experiences and sustainability, we respond to a competitive environment and contribute to the development of the places where we have a presence.

We are part of the leading retail platform in South America, with a presence in Colombia with the brands Éxito, Carulla, Super Inter, Surtimax, Surtimayorista and Viva, and in Uruguay with Grupo Disco and Grupo Devoto. In addition, in Argentina, with Libertad and Paseo Libertad.

We have differential strategies with which we adapt to new forms of consumption:

- Innovation in value formats and new forms of payment without friction for customer care.

- Omniclient strategy, to offer the customer what he wants, when he wants, where he wants.

- Monetization of traffic, through shopping centers and loyalty programs. In addition to complementary businesses.

- Sustainability: transformation from a business that generates shared value.

Our Presence


We are present in 23 departments of Colombia with 515 stores and about 35,000 employees.


We are in Uruguay with 90 stores and more than 6,000 employees and in Argentina with 25 stores and about 2,500 employees.


We work to keep the customer coming back.


- Customer first: We generate a unique, positive and valuable experience at every moment.
- Collaborative work: We define work plans as a team, taking advantage of the strengths and different points of view and we put them into action in an agile way to achieve our results.
- Innovation: We generate value to our business and client, doing things in a different, simple and agile way, through experimentation of new ideas and learning from our mistakes.
- Social and Environmental Awareness: We understand the needs of the environment (employees, society and customers), generating actions that allow us to nurture opportunities for Colombia.
- Passion for results: We are inspired by what we do, we work with passion to make things happen, collaborating and making decisions to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of Grupo Éxito.