¿Who we are?

Desde hace más de 110 años hemos escrito nuestra historia con pasión y tenacidad al servicio de nuestros clientes. Hoy somos una empresa multilatina, líder del comercio al detal en Sudamérica con presencia en cuatro países.

We are the leaders of retail in Colombia and we are present in Uruguay and Argentina. We have clear competitive advantages derived from the number of stores, the leadership in electronic commerce of the retail sector, complementary businesses and the value of each of the brands. All this, supported by the quality of our human resources. We have about 700 stores: in Colombia through Grupo Éxito, in Uruguay with Grupo Disco and Grupo Devoto, and in Argentina with Libertad. We are also the leader in retail e-commerce in Colombia with exito.com and carulla.com. We lead in all modern retail segments, due to our solid Omni channel model and multi-format and multi-brand strategy. Our hypermarkets operate under the brands Éxito, Géant and Libertad; in premium supermarkets they operate with Carulla, Disco and Devoto; In proximity we operate under the Carulla and Éxito Express, Devoto and Libertad Express brands. In low price formats, our company is a leader with Surtimax and Super Inter and in cash and carry with Surtimayorista

Our Presence


We are in Uruguay with 91 stores and more than 6,000 employees and in Argentina with 24 stores and more than 3,000 employees.


We are present in 23 departments of Colombia with 531 stores and about 40,000 employees.