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Throughout its history, there are many examples of SME companies that have found in the Organization a distribution platform that leverages their growth and development.

“In a matter of three and a half years, the company went from 8 to 176 workers, and from 4 to 170 machines, managing to produce more than 35 thousand garments per day. Thanks to a strategic alliance with Grupo Éxito, our garments are distributed throughout Colombia and exported to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina".
Mauricio Echeverri
General Manager of Eurocorsett
Own Brand supplier of hosiery and underwear


The Company works with nearly 890 MSME suppliers, 39% more than in 2016.

For five consecutive years, more than 500 employees of Mipymes, suppliers of the Company, have been certified in the Diploma of Strengthening in Business Management conducted in partnership with EAFIT Social.

With the help of Procolombia, in 2017, 49 small companies suppliers of the Company participated in the Mentor Exporter program, through which export opportunities were opened to several countries in the Americas.

The Company supports 350 microentrepreneurs
through Promotora de Comercio Social.


At Grupo Éxito we believe in the importance of managing and maintaining value relationships with our suppliers and allies, and in the generation of strategies for small and medium producers and entrepreneurs to find growth opportunities with us.

Grupo Éxito believes in Colombia, buys Colombian and supports the country's microentrepreneurs.


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