Wednesday, 27 November 2019
Los recursos recibidos permitirán a la compañía llevar su deuda financiera neta a cero, fortalecer su posición financiera y dinamizar su estrategia de negocio en…

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“At Grupo Éxito we are betting on a modern and innovative omnichannel strategy in the region in order to improve the customer’s experience. This, added to the commercial strategies, has allowed us to obtain positive results in the countries where we have presence. Both Colombia and Brazil showed consistent growth in sales, the first thanks to formats like Éxito wow, Carulla FreshMarket and Surtimayorista, all of them with a double-digit growth, and to the sales of e-commerce channels and delivery services that grew 38% and already represent 3.9% of the company's total”.

Carlos Mario Giraldo Moreno
CEO Grupo Éxito


Grupo Éxito closed the first quarter of the year with 1,521 stores: 540 in Colombia, 864 in Brazil, 91 in Uruguay and 26 in Argentina, and with a total sales area of more than 2.8 million square meters.



 In the first quarter of 2019, Grupo Éxito achieved net revenues of COP 14 billion COP, which represents a 9.9%1 growth versus last year, mainly driven by Colombia and Brazil operating revenues, which increased 3.6% and 12%2, respectively.

These positive results are leveraged in the implementation of innovations in formats and channels that enhance the value proposals of the organization, such as e-commerce and deliveries.


[1]Excluding exchange rate effect

[2] Local currency

Date last updated Closing Price Variation Éxito's Share vs Previous day Shares traded during the day Volumen Previous day's closing value
2019-12-06 12:59:51.0 $13,200 -2.798% 125,968 1,695,777,500.00 13,580
1,611 -0.190% 13,290 0.000%