Board of Directors Committees

The Board of Directors will have the following Standing Board Committees that will exercise advisory or decision-making functions in accordance with the provisions of its operating regulations. The performance assesment mechanisms of the Board of Directors and its support Committees are set forth in article 14 of the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors.

Audit and Risks Committee

The Audit and Risks Committee is comprised exclusively of all the Independent members.

Miguel Dueñas

Miguel Fernando Dueñas (Chairman)

Francisco Fermán

Francisco José Fermán Gómez

óscar Samour

Óscar Samour Santillana


Among its functions, it is worth highlighting the follow-up to processes related to the following:

Financial information and reports

Enterprise risk management

Architecture and internal control system (including monitoring internal and external audits)

Regulatory compliance (with a greater focus on preventing money laundering and financing terrorism)

Transparency Program

Personal data protection program

Transactions between Related Parties, as well as the management of conflicts of interest presented by the members of the Senior Management and the Board of Directors

Review of the Annual Report.

Relevant information

Quorum and attendance Board of Directors supporting Committees