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"For us it is very gratifying to know that our designs are part of the collection 'Arkitect made by hand', because we know that our products will have greater visibility and because people will buy an authentic product that takes the art and culture of our nation "

Yaneris Angulo
Artisan of tradition of Usiacurí, Atlántico.


More than 500 artisans from La Guajira, Atlántico, Antioquia, Cauca, Córdoba, Cundinamarca and Nariño, made nearly 2,000 exclusive pieces from the 'Arkitect made by hand' collection. This example of the collection will be available from March 19 to April 25 in 11 Éxito´s stores and in the exclusive Arkitect store in Viva Envigado, Antioquia.


“Arkitect made by hand” is a part of the new trend textile collection made by artisans from Colombia for the exclusive textile brand. This project created by our company and the Promotora de Comercio Social, has a high social value and contributes of the Colombian microenterprise sector to growth.

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