Together we made it
Together we made it


We are a diverse and inclusive company



The success of Grupo Éxito is in its people because we are diverse and inclusive. Various because we are an almost infinite combination of tastes, abilities, beliefs and ways of thinking, because we believe in the power of our talent, because we enhance the value of female leadership, because we provide second opportunities to those who are at greater risk of being vulnerable.

We are more than 40,000 people, more than 40 thousand unique, tireless, passionate and talented hearts.



We bring knowledge to our employees




We consolidate the training processes on corporate culture, knowledge of the Organization and work performance through courses offered by the Organizational Learning Unit.

Meet some testimonials from our employees:



Oportunidades de empleo:

At Grupo Éxito we are inspired by the service, so we offer our clients the best of us. We break schemes and that has led us to be retail leaders in Latin America.

Our constant is change, our commitment is fast and simple, our passion is to always obtain results in a team and we are certain that working together we can achieve it.

We want to know your potential, register here if you would like to be part of us.