08 of April of 2019
Almacenes Éxito


Grupo Éxito is pleased to inform that from now on, shareholders holding an account number in Deceval may download their tax certificate directly from the following link:

If you do not have a Deceval account number or your shares are materialized, you must request the tax certificate to Fiduciaria Bancolombia S.A. (stock program administrators of Almacenes Exito), email , or by phone contacting the Shareholder Service Center +574 444 72 31 in Medellín or 01 8000 954 242 option (2). Shareholders must enclose a copy of the ID (cédula de ciudanía) and / or a Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation of the shareholder.

Donations Certificate from Fundación Éxito

Is available on the following link: or request it to the email

Best Regards,

María Fernanda Moreno
Investor Relations Manager
Grupo Éxito
Phone: 604 9696 ext: 314236 - 305546
Carrera 48 #32 B sur - 139 - Avenida Las Vegas
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