Our benefits
Our benefits


In our company we are convinced that the success of Grupo Éxito is in its people. Today we are more than 40,000 collaborators that unite us with the same mission: we work for the client to return.

Our people are cheerful, loyal and winning. That is why we are looking for people with commitment, dedication and passion.


Our corporate values are:

First the client: Our vocation is the service, the customer inspires us.

Agility: Our acting is fast and simple.

Innovation: Our constant is change, we break schemes.

Achieve it together: Our strength is teamwork.

Our commitment is to do well, we enjoy the achievements.


Our employees are our best reason to smile:


Grupo Éxito, in order to offer its collaborators a decent job and emotional and economic support in each of the stages of their lives, has established an extra-legal benefits scheme segmented by the two contracting regimes, the types of contracts and seniority in the Company. This Portfolio that today has more than 100 benefits including Employee Funds (PRESENT and FUTURE) responds to the 12 work fronts on which we offer programs and services to employees and their families:

During 2020, we invested more than $ 82,000 million in more than 430,000 benefits delivered to our employees and their families.

We have a portfolio of more than 100 benefits.

Meet some of them:

Savings: savings products offered by Fondo Presente y Fondo Futuro. Some are: CDAT, Christmas Bonus, etc.

Celebrations: programs that provide spaces to recognize our employees and their families. Some are: Bonus of Aguinaldo, Celebration Years of Service, Mother and Father's Day, etc.

Culture: benefits that encourage learning and creative expression, through various arts techniques, such as: Workshops of Plastic and Performing Arts for Adults and Children, etc.

Sports: activities and programs that seek to promote healthy lifestyles in our employees and their primary family nucleus. Some are: Sports Training and Tournaments, Athletic Careers, Sports Seedlings for Employees' Children, etc.

Education: benefits aimed at covering academic and development needs of employees and their children. Some are: Undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, Scholarships or Scholarships for Children from kindergarten, to university, etc.

Family: benefits that seek family support. Some are: Employee Discount Card, Time for you (Days off), Marriage Premium, Birth Assistance, Death Assistance, Calamity Assistance, etc.

Recreation: programs aimed at enabling recreational and leisure spaces. Some are: Children's Day, Sunny Day, Recreational Holidays, Additional Holiday Days.

Health: programs that seek to promote health and prevent the illness of our employees and their families. Some are: Glasses Assistance and Partial or Total Glasses Deterioration Assistance, Health Policy, etc.

Housing: benefits that are intended to support the employee in the acquisition, construction or improvement of housing, through loans with exclusive rates for employees.

Agreements: benefits offered by PRESENT Fund to provide better conditions in products and services. Some of the benefits are: Home Policy, SOAT, etc.

Credits: credit products offered by the Employee Fund PRESENT to our employees. Some are: Crediyá, My Purchase, Vehicle Credit, Education, etc.


We also have an internal brand for employees called Motivos para Sonreír, through which we leverage our strategy to retain our employees and associate them with the benefits that the Company has for them and their families.