Grupo Éxito grew consolidated net revenues by 27.6% to COP4.7 billion during 2Q22.

16 of August of 2022
Grupo Éxito

Recurring EBITDA grew by 21% to a 7.9%margin as a result of good business performance and operational efficiencies in the three countries where the Company operates.


The Company posted a consolidated net income of COP62,264 million with a growth of 22.7%.


The strengthening of the omni-channel strategy in Colombia allowed digital channels to grow sales by 17%, orders by 36.2% (a total of 5.7 million deliveries) and reached a 12.1% share of the country's total sales during the first half of the year.


Grupo Éxito continued to implement actions in favor of the care and conservation of ecosystems. To date, its customers have donated more than 300,000 trees to recover ecosystems and strategic basins.


Beginning in the third quarter of the year, the Éxito brand opened the first of six stores acquired from La 14, Éxito Wow Tuluá. As a result, Grupo Éxito continues to promote the recovery of employment in the region. More than 5,200 direct employees are expected to be hired in the Valle del Cauca region with the starting of operations of these stores acquired.  Moreover, more than 2,200 jobs have been already generated through the work with 53 suppliers from La 14 that are now coded in our stores.


Through the Fundación Éxito, the Company continues to promote breastfeeding as an act of love and nutrition. In May, during the #Lactaton, this message reached more than 13 million people on social media.


  • In the second quarter of the year, Grupo Éxito reached consolidated revenues of COP 4.7 billion, driven by a 28.1% increase in consolidated net sales. Recurrent EBITDA increased 21.0%, with a margin of 7.9%, as a result of operational efficiencies, excellent retail business commercial performance and the recovery of the real estate business.
  • Innovative formats remained an important lever for differentiation and competitiveness; Éxito Wow accounted for 30.2% of the brand's total sales; Carulla FreshMarket 46.6%; Super Inter Vecino 57.4% and Surtimayorista had already accounted for 5.3% of the total sales of the operation in Colombia during 2Q2022.
  • In the first half of the year, omni-channel sales in Colombia reached COP822,000 million and represented 12.1% of the Company's total sales. So far this year, nearly 5.7 million orders were delivered, representing a growth of 36.2% compared to the same period last year.
  • The increase in traffic in shopping centers continued to contribute to the outcome of the real estate business. In the second quarter, occupancy rates at shopping centers reached 93.1% in Colombia and 88% in Argentina.
  • Uruguay's stable domestic consumption was reflected in a 7.2% growth in sales in local currency with a 23.4% increase in recurrent EBITDA in COP, the result of higher productivity and strict control of expenditures.
  • Disco and Devoto stores operating under the fresh market model accounted for 50.5% of total sales, growing 5.8 percentual points over than non-refurbished stores.
  • In Argentina, Grupo Libertad's sales in local currency grew 78.7%, surpassing high inflation, benefiting from the economic reactivation and the positive performance of the real estate business


Grupo Éxito’s Consolidated Results (Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina)


The outcome of the three countries where Grupo Éxito operates remained solid, favored by operational efficiencies in all countries, with expenditures growing below sales in the case of Colombia and Argentina. The consistent contribution of retail continued to leverage results, as well as the increase in traffic in shopping centers that benefited higher revenues in the real estate business. Consolidated revenues for the quarter reached COP4.7 billion, representing a growth of 27.6% compared to the same period in 2021. The consolidated share of omni-channels in the three countries reached 9.9% of total sales.


During the 2Q2022, Grupo Éxito posted a consolidated recurring EBITDA of COP370,917 million, growing 21.0% with a margin of 7.9%.


“Consistency in the innovation strategy, strengthening of the omni-channel model, and investment in differentiated formats (Éxito Wow, Carulla FreshMarket and Super Inter Vecino) significantly leveraged the quarter’s results, resulting in a consolidated sales increase of 28.1%. We will continue to invest in social and environmental innovation, technology transformation and alternatives that strengthen customer experience. We believe in employment generation as an engine of development and with the opening of our first store acquired from La 14 in Tuluá, we continue to drive the progress of the regions. We codified 53 suppliers that had previously sold their products to that chain and that are already generating Carlos Mario Giraldo - Presidente Grupo Éxitomore than 2,200 jobs in the Valle del Cauca region. With the operation of La 14 stores acquired, more than 5,200 employees are expected to be directly hired by the Company in the region. We will continue to Nourish Colombia with Opportunities, fostering the growth and well-being of our children and contributing to the care of the planet and our ecosystems,” says Carlos Mario Giraldo, Grupo Éxito CEO.



Consolidated operational results Grupo Éxito

All figures expressed in millions of Colombian pesos (COP)

2q 2022


Colombia maintained its growth in sales, as a result of a good commercial performance, consistency in its omni-channel strategy, the profitability of innovative formats and the contribution of the real estate business.


The operation in Colombia represented close to 75% of consolidated net sales in 2Q2022, totaling more than COP3.3 billion with double-digit growth in the last quarters, 27% compared to 2Q2021. This is the result of the profitable contribution of the innovative formats, the strong commercial dynamism of the quarter and the recovery of traffic in the malls and stores that benefited the real estate business and continues to leverage the Company's revenues.


The share of sales through e-commerce channels remained at double digits in the accumulated first six months of the year (12.1%). The Company continued to strengthen its last mile services and grows permanently in deliveries. So far this year, nearly 5.7 million orders have been completed, representing a growth of 36.2% compared to the same period last year. The “Click and Collect” service continued consolidating services during the first six months with a 26% share of the omni-channel and has completed more than 580 thousand orders.


The recurrent EBITDA of the operation in Colombia was COP289,657 million, up 17.2% compared to the same period in 2021, as a result of strong retail contributions and operational efficiencies.


The innovative formats continued as an axis of profitability for the Company, with outstanding results versus non-refurbished stores:


  • Éxito Wow, with 20 stores in the country, represented 30.2% of the brand's total sales in the quarter.
  • Carulla FreshMarket, with 22 stores in this format, accounted for 46.6% of the brand's total sales during this period.
  • Super Inter Vecino, with 29 stores under its innovative “Vecino” format already accounts for 57.4% of the brand's total sales in the quarter.
  • Surtimayorista, the cash and carry brand format, completed 41 sites and represented 5.3% of the total sales of the operation in Colombia.


The Company continues to work on the conservation of biodiversity, the promotion of employment and the reconstruction of the social fabric, and its superior purpose to “Nourish Colombia with Opportunities”, by focusing on innovation as a transversal lever.


  • Reaffirming its commitment to the care and conservation of biodiversity, Grupo Éxito, in partnership with Celsia, committed to planting 1 million trees of native species with its partners, suppliers, customers and allies during the year. The Company closed the quarter with more than 300,000 trees donated, which means it has met 30% of the goal in three months.
  • The Company continues to work toward the goal of achieving the first generation of children with zero chronic malnutrition in Colombia. During the second quarter of the year, #Lactaton, an initiative of the Fundación Éxito, took place with more than 13 million people joining on social media to promote breastfeeding as an act of love and nutrition.



Uruguay continued as the most profitable operation in the region, maintaining profitability growth with a solid contribution from its fresh market format.


Despite the slowdown in the country's economy due to the end of the tourist season, Uruguay remained the Group's most profitable operation. During 2Q2022, it recorded sales growth of 7.2% in local currency as compared to the same period in 2021 and participated with 17% of the Group's total sales. The fresh market format maintained a strong share of total sales, reaching 51.3% in the first half of the year, with growth of 9.5 percentual points above non-renovated stores. The omni-channel strategy continued a priority: sales reached a 2.7% share in the semester and the Click and Collect service is now available in 44 stores and completed more than 21,000 orders, 10.4% more than the first half of 2021. Recurring EBITDA grew 23.4% in the quarter and reached a 9.5% margin on the revenues of the Uruguay operation, thanks to operational efficiencies and tight control of expenditures.


In Argentina, profitability rose as a result of good commercial performance and the positive impact of the consistently growing real estate business.


The operation recorded sales growth of 78.7% in local currency for the quarter, higher than high inflation levels of 62.1%. The real estate business benefited from the increase in traffic to shopping malls and galleries that was reflected in the increase in revenues from this business. Good commercial performance has a positive effect on the retail business driven by fresh market stores sales that grew 59.7% versus the same period in 2021 and participated with 29% of total sales in the hypermarket format. Omni-channel accounted for 3.4% of the quarter's total sales in this country. The real estate business posted occupancy rates of 88%, benefiting the EBITDA margin that closed at 1.8% in this period.


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